OptionXpress Currently using. Mainly for an option trading. Easy to use.
Resources provided here are the ones that I have had positive experience with…
Before you decide on a broker, see how compatible with your strategy his offers are. For someone who’s trading frequently, low cost of trade may compensate for limited broker services such as educational materials, webinars, live support, etc. Having a strategy that includes commodity exposure might require a broker with platform that will allowed you to do that also. Cost of margin and level of approval which differs between brokers are other factors to consider.
And there is of course personal preference. That includes web site design that
flows the way you anticipate, color schemes and overall user experience.
I’m using currently OptionsExpress and Etrade. For dividends payers and
portfolio with longer term horizon, I’m using Etrade.
OptinsExpress I’m using for short time exposure and option trading.
All brokers linked to this page are well respected within financial industry and highly rated by it’s clients.
Optionshouse Low cost trades. Opened account with them recently and love it
Five strategies that I see being most
commonly applied by traders.
Scottrade Used in the past. Closed to consolidate Liked it while using.
Etrade Currently using. Like it a lot. Nice platforms and feel of web site.
Ameritrade Used in the past. Closed to consolidate. Like it.
Before you decide on a broker, see how compatible...