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Catalysis (in Wikipedia definition) is the increase in the rate of a chemical reaction of one or more reactants due to the participation of an additional substance called
a catalyst. The word catalyst has been adopted also by the street and is used in reference to events, information, sometimes even rumors that initiate stock or
market movements. What Janet Yellen, the President of Federal Reserve Bank,
will say or imply in reference to interest rate or level of bond purchasing can
turn markets on a dime. Interest rates, QE’s and other Federal Bank policies have a direct and immediate impact on the markets.
For another example of catalyst let me point you to Fukushima earthquake. It was
a huge tragedy and markets responded in predictable fashion.
In addition to large scale natural disasters, irresponsible political actions, conflicts and wars, the list of market moving events we call catalysts practically has no end. That is why markets are not flat.
As for individual stocks - same principles. New product launch could be the
catalyst for stock to go higher, as well as news on SEC investigations or accounting irregularities could be a catalyst for stock to go lower. So here is the thing: before investing in particular equities build a strategy that will include timing the shares purchase with news or events that could become a catalyst. Quarterly earnings
reports, dates of court decisions, or even option expiration dates could be
seen as a catalyst for timing the trade.
What can move the market and what definitely will.
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