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Five strategies that I see being most
commonly applied by traders.
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Investing and trading markets from Hawaii presents additional set of challenges
for market participants. Trading especially. The major obstacle to overcome is our dependency on biological clock. There is a big difference between being awake and being at your best. Most of market moving data comes before markets open,
so the way you react to it may be crucial for your trading day, in some cases for much longer. It does not matter if you are long term investor or trader, there are days that being up at 2am is just part of the game. How often depends on your market strategy. But there are also advantages of trading from the Island.
Following behavior of Asian and European markets is one of them. With interconnected markets and stocks being traded on multiple exchanges, information coming from overseas can help form an opinion well ahead of
US markets opening. After all It is not the time zone but investor discipline, desire, and knowledge what will weigh on portfolio performance.
Pre-market trading starts at 7am EST. Markets open at 9:30am EST and close
at 4pm EST.  Extended hours trading
continues until 8pm EST. Unfortunately
for Hawaiian traders those are East
Coast business hours. It means five
or even six hours difference in time.
Cons and Pros of trading from Hawaii... Plus market hours information
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