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Before you decide on a broker, see how compatible...
What can move the market, and what definitely will.
Most of brokers will provide its clients with trading ideas and suggestions...
It is not a friendly game of poker. Before you decide to take the street to the test, you have to know who the street is. When investing idea comes to your head with believe that you must be the first to see it...
I definitely don’t define success by accumulation of financial wealth. I see success instead as accomplishing dreams. As creating and living in reality that was
beyond the reach before, but now is yours.
The purpose of this page is to rather stir up your curiosity about how the market works and its' opportunities, then to influence you to risk money in market investments. All investors entering the market believe in their luck, strategy and trading capabilities. For most of them those believes will turn to be unfounded.
Is becoming successful stock trader one of your dreams, and, if so, why?
Money argument alone is not enough. It takes a genuine interest in economy, business and even in politics that is affecting the markets more and more,
combined with motivation, personal discipline, patience and tolerance for risk
to become one. You can lower your risks by expanding your investment
horizon and diversifying, but you cannot avoid risks associated with market completely.
It is not a friendly game of poker. Before you decide to take the street...
Five strategies that I see being most
commonly applied by traders.